Rope Access Inspection Services

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. utilise rope access as one of our many inspection services.  Due to the nature of being up close and personal with the blade/tower we are able to professionally assess damages/defects in great depth.  This service is usually taken to coincide with our blade repair packages or to investigate a more serious defect found by drone.  Along with the inspection we also offer testing of the Lightning Protection System which can be completed at the same time.  

All inspection reports are generated using our specialised in-house reporting template which will be complete with all the information required to move forward with repairs if necessary.  

Rope Access inspections consist of an internal, external and LPS check.  This full inspection check list will generally take around 10 hours to complete ensuring a thorough inspection of all aspects of the blade.  

It is crucial that internal blade inspections are completed to ensure the structural integrity of the web, webfoot and inner shell.  In our experience majority of structural damages start via an internal damage that his been missed or not properly inspected by competent blade technicians.  Poor quality internal factory repairs can also be a starting point for serious defects.

Drone Inspection Services

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. adopt the latest UAV( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drone technology, which maps a 360 degree virtual panoromic scan around the turbine tower and blades. This provides us with an in-depth report of your wind turbine system and aids our technicians in their assessment and completion of repairs and maintenance.
Drones play a critical role in Bladestar Renewables Ltd. professional and bespoke service, and our drone-technology assists us with periodic surveys of your system, reducing exposure time to working at height.

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