Blade Repair Specialists

Bladestar Renewables Ltd are multi-brand blade repair specialists with strong knowledge and experience on Siemens, LM, Enercon and Vestas blades. 

Through our 20+ years of experience we have developed a unique and consistent repair methodology that bridges all blade manufacturers.  

Rotor blades are one of the most expensive yet delicate components on a wind turbine system.  It is critical that they are well inspected and maintained given the immense operational and environmental pressures they are subjected to. 

A lightly eroded blade is almost guaranteed to affect the production of the turbine and can also through time propagate into a serious defect.  The sooner any defects are repaired the better to increase the longevity of the blade and turbine. 


Blade Repair Services

As a company with high expectations, we are changing the poor standards that have been set in this industry for too long.  Our focus on being a safe and high quality organisation make us a stand out repair company from the competition.

For more technical insight into the blade repair activities we are engage in please read through our case studies below.

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