Who We Are

Quality, Expertise, Communication, Reliability, Respect

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. was established in 2019 in the United Kingdom, and we have since grown to provide our services internationally. We provide various services for inspection, repair and other service works on rotor blades and towers. Bladestar has completely transformed the face of the industry today and is leading the way in operations and maintenance services.

Why Bladestar?

We have since committed to going green because we believe that the sustainable energy market has massive untapped potential. At Bladestar, we have successfully integrated sustainability and multi-brand blade engineering services and are devoted to constantly evolving and excelling in the field.

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. is at the forefront of the wind power industry. Here at Bladestar, we are dedicated to streamlining the services and processes we offer to ensure increased productivity every step of the way. What this means for our customers is:

☆We are committed to a green transformation which helps reduce overall Carbon emissions

☆We believe the sustainable market has a massive untapped potential, therefore work alongside that evolving market

☆We integrate sustainability with multi-brand blade engineering services

☆We are dedicated to constantly evolving to excel in this dynamic field

☆We provide a superb and complete service to you, our customers

This translates to:

☆Reduced down time

☆Fewer materials required

☆Less labour hours required

☆Faster turnover

☆Your turbines operating for longer and at maximum capacity

☆Less costs to you

Only the Best

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. have multiple teams of accomplished and professional, highly trained IRATA certified technicians on our team. We will provide you with a safe, cost-effective, reliable, and efficient solution and service for your job. All our repairs are completed to Blade D finishing standards and certified with first-rate warranties.

Power generation from wind turbine energy is a crucial but precarious task. So, it is our top priority that your turbine blades and towers have significant structural integrity to ensure efficient power production.

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. will provide you with a certainty and professionalism you can trust.

Our Services

The services we offer include:

☆Blade inspection/repair

☆Tower inspection/repair

☆Rope access engineering (IRATA)

☆Blade Platforms

☆Manually Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs)

This list is not exhaustive so please browse our What We Do page to get complete details regarding each operation.

Bladestar Renewables Ltd.

‘A reliable partner today for a sustainable tomorrow’

Bladestar is committed to freeing the power industry from its high reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, the leading causes of global warming and pollution. It is our responsibility to work together towards a more sustainable future. And we can proudly say that BladeStar is playing a vital role in leaving behind a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

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