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Wind Turbine Blade Inspection & Repair

By using a variety of access techniques for inspection, Bladestar is able to provide a fast and cost effective service to complete the detailed analysis of all aspects of damage to the blades.  Regular inspections help to keep your machine running at optimum potential.  Blades that have suffered subsequent damage can heavily depress the efficiency of the turbine.  

Our quickest means of access to the blade is via Rope Access.  Rope Access is the safest and most cost effective way of inspecting your blades.  Using other methods of inspecting the blade can lead to incorrect diagnosis and therefore delays the project further.  We pride ourselves on doing a job right first time round and keeping everything fluent.  Once the inspection process is completed and confirmed a repair plan will be tailored to the clients needs and or specification.  

Our technicains are all Siemens composite trained from Blade B all the way to Blade D.  Our blade manager will give you the quality guidance and repair strategies that will best suit your needs and budgets.  With our high quality of workmanship, we guarantee an exceptional warranty on your  repair.   There will be minimum lost production and no repeat call outs for failed repairs as is so common in other repair companies.  

We are typically engaged in Preventative and Corrective maintenance;

Tip repairs

Leading edge erosion

Trailing/Leading edge splitting

Lightning damage

Laminate damage

Replacement of retrofits, ie shells

Repairs to cracks and faults

Core replacement

Web cracks

Transport/Installation related damage

End of Warranty campaigns(EOW)

Aerodynamic Upgrades

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