After suffering from Failures in Our hybrid cooling tower blades I was contacted by Blade Star who were confident they could provide a solution to enable us to
Repair our cracked blades and reuse them rather than disposing of them,
The repair procedure was fast, efficient, economical and it was well received as where the employees from blade Star
The repaired blades have been refitted to the cooling towers and have proved there worth and have been on the units for over a year with no failures,

In my role as supervisor, I oversee a major wind farm project in Germany.  Due to design adjustments, some towers had to be sealed from the outside.  We ordered a subcontractor to the site to carry out the work.  The team leader was Chris Gillies from Bladestar Renewables Ltd.  He had his team were very careful during the work process and extremely fast and cooperative.  Punctuality was also a top priority.  In addition,  Bladestar were able to contribute very good suggestions for improving the sealing processes thanks to their many years of experience!  The quality of the work carried out was very high.  All in all, the team were a pleasure to work with.  We would hire Bladestar again at any time!

We were pleased with the blade work carried out. There were no additional charges compared to the quote estimate and the work was carried out in the estimated time period which was all encouraging.  Also good flexibility in that our first dates needed to be postponed due to high winds. This was done without issue by bladestar.

Bladestar showed an excellent technical knowledge and professionality executing works on site.  The communication is also a strong point in all stages.  They helped us to solve critical problems with a high quality ensuring our collaboration in future projects.

Bladestar showed themselves with good communication before and during the project. The repair methodology was also transparently and openly communicated on a permanent basis so that all steps could be understood from a technical point of view. This helped us a lot in ensuring quality and we look forward to working with Bladestar again on future projects.