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Blade Services are what we do here at Bladestar Renewables Ltd. Turbine blades are a peripheral but principal component of a wind turbine, but the energy they produce is highly dependent on the quality and efficiency of those blades. Poor quality blades on your turbine can cause you several major inconveniences including added investments, along with an overall decrease in energy generation. Not what you want!

The blades on a wind turbine system are the area that is subjected to the most damage during their lifetime. They may be damaged due to extreme weather conditions e.g., Ice, bird strikes, or possibly due to poor installations which compromise their integrity and performance. Blades are expensive! So, it is vital they are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance of the system and reduce the risk of having to be replaced.

At Bladestar Renewables Ltd, our team of experts will apply their industry knowledge and techniques to maintain and service your turbine blades to maintain their longevity, performance, and subsequent energy production. Bladestar Renewables Ltd. blade manager will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a bespoke plan to maintain the efficiency of your system and minimize your costs.

Blade Inspection

We use Rope Access, drones, or Manually Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) techniques to inspect your blades and our blade manager will evaluate and guide you on the preferred method best fit for your system.

Once our inspection is complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive analytic report on the status of the blades and what is required. Any negligence at this crucial stage can lead to misdiagnosis of the problem and issue, which can cause delays in repair and subsequent additional costs. Bladestar Renewables Ltd. will provide you with an accurate report first time and our honest guidance will ensure you avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.

Rope Access

The Rope Access method is time-efficient, cost-effective, and requires minimal labour. Because this technique is convenient to carry out, we carry out regular maintenance sessions on your system. This schedule of maintenance prevents any potential severe damages from occurring in the future so your wind turbine blades can keep turning and producing energy.

Bladestar Renewables Ltd. team are all Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certified, and highly experienced in the field. Their expertise ensures your systems are inspected with minimal impact on site.

Please head to our ‘Access Services’ page.

Drone Inspection

This is Bladestar Renewable Ltd. unrivalled service! Our inspection drones provide enhanced capture images and stable visual data, all shown in advanced technology which caters for all variabilities including environmental. Visual data provided by the drone is translated into computable information which acts as a valuable aid to our team of technicians when providing you, our customer with your detailed post-inspection analytic report of your system prior to any repair deemed to be required.

That thorough report allows for strategic decision and a firm plan of action to be made.

Blade Repair

The area in which your wind-turbine system is located, plays a hugely significant role in deciding on the degree of damage to the blades.

Blades tend to erode due to extreme weather so scheduled periodic inspections and subsequent minor blade repairs can help avoid loss in energy generation and a more efficient system overall which maintain your blades’ profile.

Our team at Bladestar Renewables Ltd. are highly skilled. That skill assures you, our customers that a timely, thorough inspection and a cost-effective solution will be provided to minimize your turbines down time and reduce any potential losses to you.

☆Leading Edge Erosion

☆Tip Repairs

☆Transport/Installation Damage

☆Retrofits: Shells, Dynotails, Spoilers, Vortex Generators

☆Core Replacements

☆Vacuum Consolidation/Infusion

☆Web Cracks

☆Manufacturing Defects

☆End of Warranty Campaigns

☆Internal/External inspections with LPS Check

☆Drone Inspections

☆Ground Based Camera Inspections

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