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No matter how difficult the location of the turbine or how difficult it may be to access, we offer the right access services tailored to our customers’ specifications and system’s needs.

Bladestar provides all the major types of access services. However, the most common services asked for are rope access, blade platform, and Manually Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). 

All strategies and decisions made by our trained experts are risk-assessed and appraised to ensure their satisfaction. In addition, our customers are provided with detailed analytical reports to guarantee complete transparency.

Rope Access

Out of the three methods mentioned above, the most in-demand service is our rope access method. This method is ideal for quick access and can be arranged promptly, requiring minimal preparation and resources. Due to this, the cost of rope access is considerably lower than other access methods such as platforms and cranes.

Rope access is an extremely safe approach, as a harness securely suspends our technicians during the entire process. This provides them high flexibility and aids them in reaching otherwise difficult to reach areas.

BladeStar Renewables has multiple teams of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certified members with extensive experience in this domain. We also make sure to adhere to all safety and IRATA guidelines strictly.

Therefore, regardless of the height of the wind turbine system, our team is well equipped and trained to face any challenge. In addition, rope access is a highly efficient method to opt for repairs or inspection, which means reduced costs, downtime, and ultimately a smoother process overall.


Bladestar Renewables Ltd.’s team uses the latest technological and mobile elevated platforms. They can be useful when working on larger repairs, where the rope access method may not be feasible. However, platforms take longer to set up and are also fairly costly compared to the rope access method.

Although not very commonly used anymore, using platforms for inspection and repairs can be opted for if the need arises and upon the customer’s request.

Manually Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs)

MEWPs are preferred for turbine sites that require immediate deployment. However, this method does have a few drawbacks. Due to the size of the vehicle, a clear, wide passage is required for it to reach the site. Moreover, the pad of the turbine must also be sufficient to ensure the equipment’s safe assembly. Similar to the platform method, this method is an expensive option.

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